Criminal Defense


If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for any crime, it is important you speak to an attorney as soon as possible.  You have substantial rights.  Failing to be aware of those rights, or failing to exercise your rights, could be detrimental to your defense.


I can defend you for any crime you may be charged with:  DUI, drug possession, felony or misdemeanor.   I have experience with everything from murder to traffic citations.

Family Law


Whether it be a divorce, child custody dispute, child support modification or adoption, this area of law is emotionally taxing on families.  You need an attorney that understands what is at stake for your family and can effectively advocate your position.


I understand the complexities of Family Law.  I can effectively advocate for your family to ensure you get the help you need.



Laramie is a college town.  Withe the University of Wyoming, Larame County Community College and Wyoming Technical Institute all located here, rental issues occur frequently.


Whether you are a landlord dealing with tenant problems or a tenant wondering what your rights are, I can help.

Other Legal Matters


I provide a variety of other legal services other than what is covered on this page.  If you have a question give me a call.